Stay Smart, Keep Safe; a Guide for Women Travelers

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While looking up at the towers of the Sagra Familia in Barcelona , browsing the shop windows of Milan’s Via Montenepoleone or riding a European style trolley in San Francisco, it is  easy to get distracted and far easier for a pick-pocket to get his/her job done. Tourists and new comers are not the only victims, native city dwellers fall victim to street crime every day.

In my twenty-so years of traveling, much of which I have done alone, I have had a few unsavory experiences, nothing major, but unpleasant enough that now I am more on guard when traveling. Once, while checking in at Barcelona airport, I placed my hand luggage beside me and when I turned around, it was gone. Now I keep bags sandwiched between my feet if I have to place them down. In Milan, my little flap-bag had been flipped open and…

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