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Visiting Italy and living here are two very different things. Although I’ve been living here for half of my lifetime, it would be presumptuous to claim to be an expert on Italy. I will, however, share my tips and reflections on living in this beautiful land. Contact me if you have questions about living in Italy, the culture and lifestyle, and I’ll do my best to help.

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Articles on Italian Life & Culture

Can you really buy a house in Italy for 1 Euro?

There’s been a lot of hype in the news lately about small communities in Italy selling off properties for as ...
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Italian Fashion Never Goes Out of Style

From my portfolio: originally published in Italo-Americano  Gucci, Valentino, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Trussardi – we all know the ...
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Italy – A Cultural Treat for the Soul

For centuries, Italy has lured visitors seeking a taste of its culture. If you stay in any of the villas ...
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10 Rules for Finding a Property in Italy

An Italy real estate specialist suggests key rules on how to safely buy a home in Italy and make sure ...
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Supermarkets in Italy: 1-cent Surcharge on Produce Bags 

1 cent bags (Jan 2018) - In Italy a new European norm applies a one-cent surcharge on the compostable, biodegradable bags ...
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Originally published on I have lived in Italy for most of my adult life and it always amazes me ...
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If you are here on this page, the dream of living La dolce vita has probably crossed your mind. Are you toying with the idea of moving to Italy? Are you wondering about all the bureaucracy involved in buying a house, or getting your documents; a promesso di soggiorno resident visa, life insurance, and a health card? Can you find a job? Is your pension going to be enough to let you live a comfortable life in Italy? How about the challenges of learning the Italian language! There are so many things to consider.

Photo above: That’s me, getting ready for a bike ride in Bellagio, Lake Como