Jewish Pitigliano Ghetto private Tour

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Location: Toscana, Pitigliano – Italy
Leaves from: Pitigliano, Italy
1 hour 45 minutes

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Jewish Pitigliano Ghetto private Tour

Learn the story of Jewish families that moved to Pitigliano in 16 th century attracted by the tolerance policy of the noble Orsini family for building a synagogue, a school, banks, a cemetery and many shops. In 1600 Florence created a ghetto, but the relationships between Jews and catholic were never so bad and the conditions never miserable as in other Italian ghettos. Later the situation change favorably for the Jews, and the ghetto was closed, so in the 1800 the Jewish population reached the 12% of the citizens and Pitigliano became known as the Little Jerusalem.
Enjoy the tour of the restorated synagogue,and ghetto. Visit the new museum that offers the possibility to discover this amazing unique place.
The rooms of the ghetto were excavated underground, in the soft tufa rock, with windows open in the cliff, and is possible visit the ritual bath, Mikveh, the oven for unleavened, the textile dye work, the kosher wine cellar and the slaughterhouse, in addition to the synagogue. 


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