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Prayers and thoughts to the people of Amatrice

Donate online with the Italian Red Cross

Watching the news,  they are interviewing the mayor. He’s  a modest looking man in his late fifties, dressed in t-shirt and jeans,  and can hardly speak through his tears. He says “I hope people won’t forget about us.”

 Photos of search and rescue from the Italian Red Cross website
The promotional video by the Lazio Region of the Amatrice area previous to the  6.2 earthquake August 24 2016 shows the natural beauty and glorious antiquity of this area.

Earthquake in Central Italy

Amatrice is an area famous for the Amatriciana sauce served with spaghetti. The town was getting ready for it’s 50th  annual festival which would have been 27-28 August 2016  to celebrate their beloved dish.
Food blogger Paolo Campana has launched an appeal to Italian restaurants to make and donate 2 euro per plate of Pasta Alla’Amatricina. There has been some criticism with complaints that it’s an effort to take advantage of the misfortune of others, nonetheless over 700 restaurants have joined his mission!
Host a Pasta all’ Amatriciana event and raise money for the rescue and rebuilding efforts.
You can honor the people of Amatriciana  by making their beloved dish:
Please donate to the ITALIAN RED CROSS
To support those affected by the devastating earthquake of August 24

Bank transfer:

 IBAN : IT40F0623003204000030631681
Note: ” Earthquake in Central Italy “

Donate online at

Materials and supplies are also needed:

Donation of materials and supplies are also necessary, items needed are:

• dishes
• Plastic Glasses
• napkins
• Plastic Cutlery
• Water
• long-life foods (6 month shelf life)
• Personal Hygiene Products
• new clothes
• Power bank

For more information contact the following email address :

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