Framura, Liguria Weekend Getaway

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Sea, sun and fantastic food.

We were looking for a place that would satisfy three criteria:

  • A place that was off the beaten path where we wouldn’t run into swarms of people
  • A place we could do some sport to jump start our Spring/Summer fitness routine
  • A place we could eat well, yet healthily (and maybe splurge on a treat or two!)

We found all of this in Framura, Liguria, a coastal village neighboring Cinque Terre.

Coastal town & lush landscape

Found between Portofino and Cinque Terra, Framura is a village dating back to medieval times set on the rocky coastline of Liguria. The village expands from the sea to Monte Serro up to 400 meters above sea level. It’s made up of the beaches below and five hamlets: Anzo, Ravecca, Setta, Costa, Castagnola that sit along the winding road which snakes up the mountain. Historically, each hamlet was once considered an independent settlement within a protected castle; hence, the main church being dubbed ecclesia Sancti Martin infra mura (Saint Martin church within the walls).   There are also …

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