First Baby Papua Penguin Born at Genoa Aquarium 

A baby Papua Penguin chick was born July 10th 2017 at the Genoa Acquarium in Italy.

Genoa Aquarium – A baby Papua Penguin chick (Pygoscelis papua ) was born July 10th 2017. As it is not the first time penguin chicks have been born here, it is however the first time a penguin of the Papua species has hatched. Last year two chicks of the Magellan species were born and now have happily nested at the penguin pool and enclosure.

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The proud parents never leave the nest at the same time and are very protective of the chick.
Mom and Dad eat up to three times more than their normal diet in order to provide the right nutrients to feed the baby. The chick will be weaned off the parents’ food after about three months.

After two and a half months it will molt for the first time and pass from gray plumage to waterproof feathers. Only then will we know if it’s a male or female penguin after a DNA analysis of the feathers.

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