I’m Celia Abernethy, lifestyle and travel writer based in Italy. Originally from New York, after a career in fashion and design school in Milan, I created a local blog to showcase my writing and online marketing skills. Today, I manage my personal sites: MilanoStyle.com and LakeComoStyle.com and offer bespoke travel content writing services, manage content and write for international publications and companies.

My moto is “Traveling, Writing & Living with Joy”

All content is curated with the audience in mind. I write for the fashion-savvy traveler who loves Italian culture and style. I want to offer valuable information that will spark their curiosity, inspire their creativity and motivate them to explore Italy and the world.

I specialize in travel content featuring Italy travel destinations and culture, but my experience ranges from working in the fashion industry to graphic design, web development and usability. I also speak Italian fluently.

Influencer (through words)

I may be considered unconventional or even “uncool” in today’s online social media driven society; I don’t aspire to being a social media influencer. If I personally influence someone’s decision to go to a destination through my writing, then yes, I suppose I am an influencer.

I love to write and share my experiences through words. I also like taking photos and sharing them, but I invest my time in cultivating the craft of writing and carefully planning out a marketing campaign.

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My work has been published in: Huffington Post USA / Italo-Americano / Welum / Thrive Global / Lux Afrique / Multi-Talented Writers / Verde Natura / Book: Local Marketing Mavericks (Amazon 2016)


In the press, people talking about me: USA Today / Corriere della Sera / TeleUnica / La Provincia

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I worked for many years in fashion as a runway and print model and was very fortunate to have traveled the world. I have lived in New York, London, Barcelona, Milan and now Lake Como, Italy. Much of my life at that time was spent in the air or in hotels. Fashion is an industry that demands high standards and professionalism. I have left the fashion runway but my love for style, travel and discovering the world has stayed with me.

I worked in restaurant service and management, as assistant to Daniel Alley. I was one of the principal promotional leaders in starting the Brunch in Milan trend. The concept of American style brunch was introduced to the public through marketing, promotion and special partnerships.

I understand the needs and concerns from a guest’s point of view, while at the same time understand the work demand, standards and quality that management requires.

I have experience doing five-star level mystery shopper and mystery guest audits.


In 1999, as a graphic design student in Milan, when routers made beeping and squealing noises I started designing websites and working with database integration. I was soon managing teams of developers, creating online profiles and data-driven sites for corporations all over Italy. I worked with web agencies Mondoweb, Fattore K, BBJ Media Agency, and Aurora Network.
I left the corporate office and lifestyle in 2004 and started working freelance. I use WordPress, CSS, HTML, PHP, photo editing and I know server upload protocols and procedures.
Crafting words is what I love doing, so naturally, SEO is an important part of my work now.


I have been travel blogging since the beginning of my web development career, but it wasn’t until 2016, after a life-changing event that I decided it was time to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. My love for Italy and Italian culture was an excellent place to start. My first published article was for HuffingtonPost USA, 5 Towns of Lake Como You’ve Never Heard Of.

In 2018, I completed Experiential Tourism training with Artès where I learned how to develop interactive itineraries and activities for the curious and culturally inclined traveler.

I now work with tour companies and travel publications.

I speak three languages; English, Italian and Spanish. I am very personable and easily make friends with the locals which open doors that are usually closed to many.

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Photo above: Celia at the Cheese cellar of Il Filet Restaurant, Lecco (Lake Como)