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Winter on Lake Como

What to do in the winter on Lake Como Lake Como is a popular destination in the spring and summer months for visitors looking for La Dolce Vita, sitting on a terrace overlooking the lake sipping prosecco, going boating or catching some rays on a local beach. It is true that [...]

Italian Halloween Traditions & How to Celebrate in Milan

Halloween, celebrated October 31st, is a fairly new entry on the Italian festivities calendar. All Saint’s Day, celebrated on November 1st is a recognized holiday, therefore, shops, schools, banks and businesses are closed, making Halloween the perfect party night. Many say that Halloween celebrations in Italy started in the 80’s [...]

8 Best things about being an expat in Milan

Living in Italy for many is a dream come true. After visiting the romantic villages of il bel paese, strolling the cobbled stoned streets of charming little hamlets of ancient, medieval towns or shopping in Milan the fashion capital of Italy, it’s hard not to fall in love with the [...]

In, At or On Lake Como: Bothered by Grammar

Ciao! I’m Celia. Originally from NY, I’m now living la dolce vita Lake Como Style and on a mission to live it to the fullest! I hope to inspire you to explore Milan & Lake Como, the culture, cuisine and creativity. Would you like to book a video call with [...]

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