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Scientist in Italy Working on Ecologic Supersonic Travel

(TURIN) - February 10, 2021 - Back with a boom? Supersonic planes get ready for a quieter, greener comeback.  Almost 20 years after Concorde was grounded, civilian supersonic aircraft seem ready to take off again. New technology is pushing a new generation of aircraft forward, but challenges remain, from regulations [...]

Italian Wines to Drink in Winter

While most people may associate the sparkling, Italian wines with the warmer days of the year, there are several grape varieties ideal for winter drinking. In summer the grapes are ripening, and in winter the previous vintages are ready for drinking.  It's a continuous cycle that infinitely repeats. This is [...]

The Beginners Guide to Bologna

Visit Bologna A guide for first time travelers to Bologna, Italy , sightseeing, food, shopping and more. When my cousin told me he'd be in Bologna for business, I jumped at the chance to get on a train and visit. I hadn't been to Bologna for years and could hardly [...]

Wine & Cheese Bottega Fratelli Ciapponi Valtellina

The town of Morbegno in Italy is an Alpine mountain village where slow travel and healthy living are a way of life. The rustic, traditional architecture tells us that we are in the Alps. Located in the Lombardy in the province of Sondrio, 36 km (22 m) from Lake Como [...]

5 Ways to Order Coffee in Italy

Coffee is such a predictable part of my everyday life, I hardly even thought it was worth writing about. I was wrong. I have come to realize that coffee is such an important part of my life and I have unwillingly taken it for granted! I inherited the coffee habit [...]

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