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Create an Unforgettable Tour of Italy

Tours offer you the chance to see the beautiful diversity which Italy offers in a single trip. Find the must-see destinations to include in your tailor-made tour for your Italy holiday. Above image Trevi Fountain, Rome  What Italy offers As one of the most beautiful countries in the world Italy [...]

Italy: Mandatory Green Pass & Extended State of Emergency

After careful deliberation, and much debate, the Italian government has decided to make the “green pass” (digital proof of recovery, vaccination, or a negative Covid-19 test) mandatory to enter some public venues and events. The new rules were announced by the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (Presidency of the Council [...]

Sunday July 11, 2021 Trenord Railway Strike in Lombardy

Do not make plans to travel by train on Sunday July 11, 2021.Trenord, the railway management company of trains and transportation in Lombardy will be on strike. Although Trenord principally manages the system in Lombardy, trains of other railway companies circulate on the railway network of our territory for services [...]

ITA the New Alitalia set to take off in October

Italia Trasporti Aereo (ITA), the new company created to relaunch and replace Alitalia is making moves towards take-off in autumn. ITA CEO Fabio Lazzerini delivered the official papers containing the roster of directors, supervisors and technicians who will be responsible for ITA safety.  The documents were sent to The National [...]

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