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Travel writer, blogger and content creator based in Italy. I work with travel magazines, travel agencies and tour companies. [+]

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  • 6 of Italy’s Most Beautiful Gardens You’ve Never Heard Of

    Italy is well known for its classic beauty, is a great place to visit, especially if you enjoy wandering around luxury villas and gardens. Up and down the country there are spectacular places to enjoy the natural beauty and amazing surroundings and here we offer [...]

  • Can you really buy a house in Italy for 1 Euro?

    There’s been a lot of hype in the news lately about small communities in Italy selling off properties for as little as 1 euro. New communities are adhering to the project every month. So, is it true? Can you really buy your dream villa [...]

  • Keep Safe, Travel Smart; a Guide for Women Travelers

    While looking up at the towers of the Sagra Familia in Barcelona, browsing the shop windows of Milan’s Via Montenepoleone or riding a European style trolley in San Francisco, it is easy to get distracted and far easier for a pick-pocket to get his/her job [...]

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